A smart grid is a transactive grid.
- Lynne Kiesling
Archive for July, 2023

Why The Electric Vehicle Boom Could Out A Major Strain On The U.S. Power Grid

Via CNBC, a look at how the EV boom could put a major strain on power grids: Over half of all new cars sold in the U.S. by 2030 are expected to be electric vehicles. That could put a major strain on our nation’s electric grid, an aging system built for a world that runs on […]

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The Best Part of an EV Is When You’re Not Driving

Via HeatMap, a look at how the enormous battery in an EV can do a lot more than propel your car down the road: Many new cars and trucks come with modes to optimize driving. Anyone who’s watched an episode of Top Gear has seen the hosts extoll the virtues of sport mode, which makes steering tighter […]

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About This Blog And Its Authors
Grid Unlocked is powered by two eco-preneurs who analyze and reference articles, reports, and interviews that can help unlock the nascent, complex and expanding linkages between smart meters, smart grids, and above all: smart markets.

Based on decades of experience and interest in conservation, Monty Simus and Jamie Workman believe that a truly “smart” grid must be a “transactive” grid, unshackled from its current status as a so-called “natural monopoly.”

In short, an unlocked grid must adopt and harness the power of markets to incentivize individual users, linked to each other on a large scale, who change consumptive behavior in creative ways that drive efficiency and bring equity to use of the planet's finite and increasingly scarce resources.