A smart grid is a transactive grid.
- Lynne Kiesling
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A Smart Intergrid

Via Earth2Tech, detailed commentary by Bob Metcalfe on the possible evolution and development of what he terms a “smart intergrid”. While the idea is not wholly new, Grid Unlocked agrees with this direction but notes the technical feasibility of linking water, energy, gas, etc. grids together to be some time in the future.  That said, […]

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Expect An ‘Explosion’ of End-User Applications

Courtesy of The Energy Collective, an interesting summary of the four main themes of the recent GridWeek conference.  Coming in at #2 is a theme that we’ve been suggesting for some time now: “…2. Consumers – expect an explosion in the development of end-user applications for energy management as companies work to play “catch up” […]

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Secretary Chu And The ‘Importance Of The Consumer’

Via The Energy Collective, a report on the keynote speech by U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu at the International Smart Grid Summit.  As the article notes,  Secretary Chu emphasized smart grid as a key to enabling modernization of our electrical system, but we found the following comments to be most insightful as they […]

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Smart Grid Trends: Consumer Focused Software With Branding Power

Courtesy of Earth2Tech, a report on the trend of smart grid companies building or buying software that will manage energy consumption within the home.  As the article notes, consumers aren’t going to remember the name of the company that sells network software on the power grid, but software that a consumer uses every day could […]

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IBM: A ‘Smart Grid For Water’

Via CNET, a report on IBM’s initiatives related to a ‘smart grid for water.’  As the article notes: “…Even as billions of dollars are being spent around the world to modernize the electricity grid, the systems to delivery fresh water are also in desperate need of a 21st century upgrade. IBM is developing a portfolio […]

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Consumers’ Perspectives: The Smart Grid Is Actually About Benefits To Me, Money, and Control

The July/August 2009 edition of Intelligent Utility had several articles highlighting consumers’ thoughts on the smart grid and commercializing the intelligent utility, many of which echo our themes of the need for smart markets to motivate consumer engagement of a smart grid and smart meters.  For example, an article entitled “Smart Selling and The Intelligent […]

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